July 25 – August 1, 2012

After a whirlwind of a day in Toronto to do laundry and re-pack our bags, we were off to Paris to begin our European adventure! We had a great little apartment in a trendy area called Montmartre which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, as well as a couple parks and city landmarks nearby.  We spent our time in Paris exploring the city and seeing the sights, and were overwhelmed by the amazing architecture and rich history this beautiful city has to offer.  We’ve heard French fare is amazing, but we were very happy to experience it first hand!  We had some incredible meals at a few different cafes and bistros, and were impressed from even the simplest of food, such at the breakfast cafe outside our apartment which served the best quiche either of us has ever had.

The first French cafe we went to!

The Basillica Sacre Coeur, a gorgeous city landmark just around the corner from our apartment.

A trip to Paris wouldn' be complete without checking out sights like the Arc de Triomphe.

Lauren was unable to re-create a childhood memory of wading in the fountains at the Louvre during a crazy heat wave. Apparently that is frowned upon these days...

The multi-coloured rainbow of eye catching graffiti on the spiral staircase down to our metro stop.

We had a relaxing afternoon hanging out in beautiful Luxembourg Gardens.

An amazing lunch at one of Paris's most famous cafes - not named Two Maggots as the name might imply....

The eiffel tower at night is truly beautiful...

And romantic!

Also in Montmartre was the Dali Museum, where we got to see some incredible paintings, sketches and sculptures to highlight this eccentric surrealist's works.

Did we mention that the food was good!?

You can see the rest of our Paris photos here!

Now its off to London to meet up with friends and take part in some Olympic size fun!

4 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Amazing pictures! So nice to see the Eiffle Tower all light up. Also love the dictionary picture which showcases the ring beautifully! So glad you guys have created a blog. Andy and I will definitely be following your adventures! Congratulations again on your engagement! Such great news :) Love you!

    • Thanks Sis! Its such a great way to stay in touch – I know when you and Andy were away it really made you feel so much closer! Love you too xox

  2. I have enjoyed viewing the entire blog and your adventures and exploits across the planet. In this section I was especially touched by the romantic interlude under the Eiffel Tower. I too had an incredible experience of a physical nature under that same tower at age 19 with an attractive Parisienne security guard. I was sitting on the grass by the tower, (not sure if grass exists there any more), I was tired and admiring the view when a sharp pain shot up from my kidneys causing me to cry out and quickly role over to my side. The guard had kicked me in the side for my grass-sitting-loittering. We had bridged the cultural divide with mere body language.

    • I definitely noticed the French do not take kindly to people sitting on their grassy public areas! They are for looking at only :) I never knew you were so involved in civil disobedience!