August 10 – 15, 2012

We were very excited that Munich was our next stop, because that meant we got to hang out with Iain and Brynja – two friends that Paul had met while traveling in Australia and we’d visited previously in Amsterdam over New Years’.

We started our Munich experience with a great weekend camping trip to the countryside - which happened to be in the back of a farmer's field, a family friend of Brynja's.

During the day we took advantage of the summer activities at the nearby ski hills. They called it "tobogganing" but it was really a one person roller coaster!

Brynja's parents have been coming to this area for over 30 years and they refer to it as "Canada" because of the natural beauty. And it really did feel like home!

On our second day of camping we went to a secret spot on the river for a relaxing afternoon - and an almost too refreshing swim.


Back in the city, we joined Iain at his day job as a Munich tour guide. In the morning we partook in a bike tour, where we learned a lot about Munich's history from our very knowledgeable tour guide and saw the best of the city sights.

One of the most unexpected (and cool) sights was the standing wave where local surfers line up to surf every day in the cold river water.

In the afternoon we joined Iain on a food tour, where in addition to delicious German fare, we sampled many local beers. In fact it seems people in Munich drink almost exclusively beers that are brewed in Munich. Bavarians are very proud of their culture!

It was hot hot hot in Munich, so we jumped at the chance to hang out poolside at Brynja's friend's place for the afternoon.

A trip to Munich isn't complete without visiting the beer gardens. It's a real social event and the whole community is outside at picnic tables. Beers come in "full measure" mugs - 1 litre each!

Thanks Iain and Brynja for the couch space and showing us such a great time!

We left Munich by car for a 2 week road trip around France.

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2 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Hey guys. Really solid pics. I like how you’re getting into the panoramas. So jealous of your adventures.

  2. The pictures are awesome…the tobogganing looks like you two loved it – and the scenery does look like Canada! Paul’s name seems to be quite popular – you’ll have to find more occurrences and perhaps Lauren too!
    Missing you but thrilled to see the blog updates…keep them coming. Frodo is just fine and entertains us daily.