Via Ferrata

Summer 2013

We were introduced to Via Ferrata by Christophe, a friend we met at the Family’s Pub. After only trying it once, we were instantly hooked!  Via Ferrata, which is Italian for “Iron Way” (not to be confused with The Iron Price), is a popular activity throughout the Alps, and there are hundreds of routes for the adventurous to explore.  Doing a Via Ferrata involves strapping on a harness and clipping carabiners to a safety cable along routes where iron posts have been fastened to the rock face to allow for easier climbing.  As a result, you are granted access to some pretty extreme places, many of which involve wobbly wooden bridges that make you channel your inner Indiana Jones!

Paul bought us the gear for my birthday in June, and it became an activity we did throughout the summer.  It lead us to explore some incredible places in France, with some of the most amazing views we have seen.  Getting into Via Ferrata was one of the most different, exciting and memorable experiences we had while we were in France!

Below are a couple of our favourite pics from each of the Via Ferratas we tried (with the exception of the Bastille Via Ferrata, just steps from our front door, which we somehow never managed to get pictures of, despite the fact that we conquered it more than once!)

Check out the full album of photos here! 


Fort Queyras 

La Croix de Toulouse

L’Aiguillette du Lauzet 

Belvedere du Sautet


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