San Teodoro

September 1 – 8, 2012

Well we’ve fallen a weeee bit behind on our posts… it feels funny to be writing about beautiful Sardinian beaches while I can see snow capped mountains from our Grenoble apartment.  But revisiting these pictures now that winter is coming was a nice reminder of what an awesome summer we had!  So here goes…

After our 2 week road trip through France we flew into the Italian island of Sardinia to meet up with some friends and hang out at the “Sun and Bass” festival – a week-long party full of DJs and dancing in a little town called San Teodoro.

First stop upon arrival: to pick up our festival wrist-bands and check out the main beach (La Cinta) in San Teodoro just before sunset. We definitely approved of the location!

We quickly met up with our good friend Greg (standing next to Paul) along with some of his friends from Toronto and Italy. It was so nice to have a group of friends again! We spent the week with them hanging out, checking out the DJs, and meeting other incredibly friendly music lovers!

The Sardinian flag is an interesting one - it features a red cross with 4 Moor's heads (the symbol of an African head) symbolizing the Sardinian people's victory over Saracens (Muslims from in and around Arabia) who tried to invade their territory. However several years back they made a small adjustment to the graphic featured on the original flag (left) and now the new flag (right) is seen all over Sardinia. Hummm... I wonder why they made the change?

Unfortunately the first half of the week featured heavy rain and thunderstorms, so a number of the festival events, such as the first beach party, were cancelled. However we headed to the beach anyways, and with only menacing skies above, some guys brought out their own turn tables and set up an impromptu beach party.... which was awesome, until the rain came and everyone scattered. Well it was fun while it lasted!

While taking shelter from the rain in a delicious Italiano restaurante we met a really cool couple (Joe and Lina) from London and ended up hanging out with them throughout the week. Turns out Joe was one of the DJs, so we were excited to see him perform. Sadly he was scheduled to play during the beach party that was cancelled... yet another reason we were shaking our fists at the rain. But luckily they were rescheduled for another night and performed with some amazing female vocalists and put on an awesome show! Here we are all together after the show!

By mid week the weather had cleared up, so it was time for a real beach party! The set started off with a DJ who was sporting a mohawk, in a fluorescent "Sexy and I Know It" shirt, playing us old-school favourites from the 80's and 90's - not a bad way to celebrate the much anticipated return of the sunshine!

We were ready for a little break from the festival and wanted to see more of Sardinia, so we rented a car and explored the island for the day. The result: some stunning roadside views, a beautiful, quieter beach to hang out at, and a delicious Italian lunch on a patio overlooking the sea!

Before we knew it the week was coming to an end. One of the final events of he festival was the DJ competition at Bal Harbour - an amazing venue and super fun pool party. One of our new friends from Toronto was one of the DJs in the competition, making the afternoon that much more fun and exciting! Here were are showing our support for him by pool dancing right at the front!

On our last day we had to be out of our hotel by 10 am, but our flight wasn't until 6 pm, so we needed to find a spot to hang out while we recovered from a week full of parties. We found this amazing spot - Taverna Beach - which was half way between San Teodoro and the airport. It's crystal clear and refreshing water combined with it's shady cabana's made for an ideal location to wind down and relax! Lying on a giant bean bag all day - yes please!!

San Teodoro was absolutely bellissimo – it was obvious why it’s a popular vacation spot for Italians.  But we were excited the next stop on our trip was Rome, giving us the opportunity to have a more cultural view of what Italy has to offer.

Check out the rest of the photo’s here!


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