Wedding in Saro

June 27 – 30, 2013

After Ramming around the Baltic, the guys rendez-vous’d with me and a big crew of our Canadians friends, all of whom made the journey to the lovely little town of Saro, Sweden for Liam and Alexandra’s wedding!

The festivities started with a Canada - Sweden mixer party! Between singing the national anthems and jersey swapping with the Swedes, we got to know our fellow wedding-goers and the celebrations for Liam and Alex started off with a bang!

The next day a few of us took a little passenger ferry to check out the islands of the nearby Southern Gothenburg Archipelago.

The island we visited was called Vrango, which is Swedish for "Island Covered in Seashells and Rocky Landscape". Or at least that’s what we assumed it meant….

Our house for the weekend was an incredible modern home with floor to ceiling windows right on the water. It’s no wonder it was the location of many acoustic tunes, the list skit practice, and the epic wedding after party!

The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and was finished off by the showering (at times forcefully) of rice at the bride and groom. And we shall not forget - Love is never shellfish!

After the toast to the bride and groom, we were entertained by heartfelt speeches (a most memorable one about the wheels on the bus and where they take us in life), a few good laughs and many sips of wine.

With so many List members present, something special had to be prepared as both tribute to the groom and to Canada. The result: A recreation of the CBC classic "Log Drivers Waltz”. The performance was complete with plaid shirts, toques, Jeff in a dress, and the bride and groom being hoisted up high!

Here’s the CBC original.

Time to get the party started!

Congratulations Liam and Alex - we’re so happy for you!

When your tie ends up around your head... you know it’s been a good party!

The next day we were rudely awoken... apparently you have to check out when your vacation is over. Whoops! After getting out of the house in a panicked frenzy, we spent the day touring around Gothenburg before catching our back to Grenoble.

Thank you Liam and Alex for hosting such an amazing wedding weekend!

Check out the rest of the photos here!

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