Beziers – Vias – Narbonne

August 20 – 21, 2012

We made a quick overnight stop along the Mediterranean Coast, and with the hot summer heat the beaches were a welcome sight!

We spent the afternoon at Valras Plage, the closest beach to the city of Beziers, where our hotel was located. It was a great afternoon of sunbathing, swimming and people watching. It was packed to the max with people and colourful umbrellas - a fairly typical sight for the Mediterranean coast in August!

After all the French fare we had been eating, we were having a serious hankering for some Mexican food. Thanks to google we found a Mexican restaurant in a nearby city called Vias. Three words: Worst Mexican Ever. The cheddar cheese was a close relative of Cheeze-Whiz. Luckily the lively and action packed strip this restaurant was on in Vias made for a fun evening and great atmosphere.

The next day we stopped at another Mediterranean town called Narbonne and checked out the beach there. This one was a little quieter and we had a refreshing swim before heading back on the road.

We also bought a soft cooler for bringing cool drinks and snacks down to the beach... the best part of the cooler - it came with 2 paddles and a ball for hours of beach time fun!

Heading out from the Narbonne beach we drove through some beautiful vineyards - so this is where all that delicious wine comes from!

It was great to check out some of the Mediterranean Coast before making our way to the Atlantic Coast to track down some surf!

4 thoughts on “Beziers – Vias – Narbonne

  1. It was great getting up this morning and seeing another
    wonderful blog from you .. the Mediterranean beaches look crowded but the one at Narbonne is more the style mom and I would enjoy .. good idea with getting a soft cooler,eh ..
    Glad Paul got in some paddle ball practice .. never know
    when the next Gladiator tournament will be :)
    Mom & Dad xxooxx

    • Haha – good pints, he;s gotta keep up his training! We agree the quieter beaches are much more relaxing! But it was also kinda cool to see what the typical summer crowds are like :)
      Love Laur xo

  2. Such a perfect trip in so many ways, from every page of the blog. I see a theme of beaches and eating very well…