San Sebastian

August 24, 2012

San Sebastian is a just a short drive south of Biarritz so we decided to take our trusty Opel Astra rental car and our Garmin GPS and go check out Spain!

The drive only took about an hour from Biarrtiz. There are no border guards or customs to deal with (but there were of course a couple of toll roads!)

La Concha Beach is the most central and most famous in San Sebastian. It's right in the middle of the city - so it's as crowded as it is beautiful!

Another one-handed photo op!

We brought all the fixin's for one of our trademark picnic lunches at the beach! (Fruit, brie cheese, cherry tomatoes, tapenade, dry sausage, baguette and cold beer)

Here's Lauren jumping off the diving board on a popular floating platform.

After another relaxing day at the beach, we joined the crowds and walked through the nearby old town shops.

Pinxtos are the local specialty. The bar offers up a great selection of tapas style snacks and you just take what you like!

Our day in Spain was relaxing and beautiful.  It was also a reminder of our less-than-adequate Spanish skills!

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4 thoughts on “San Sebastian

  1. Laur & Paul,
    What fantastic photos once again . We are getting the traveling bug just reading your blog and checking out the pics. Is that the same Mexican blanket that was almost sold numerous times in Vancouver? And is it the lens or is that a HUGE hunk of Brie?? Your can tell what foodies you two are since there are always pictures of food..and what a great picnic!
    We are just heading out to the Queen West Art Crawl to see Julia. Thanks again for sharing it is just wonderful to see everything you’ve seen.

    Keep it coming and have a great time.
    mom, dad and frodo xoxo

  2. haha, yes we love our Mexican blanket, but that is not ours. One of the best things about the airbnb places is that they are usually stocked with supplies and this one came with a great Mexican beach blanket! We wanted to keep it as we’ve been lying on our grungy towels that we’ve been traveling with… still we wouldn’t even have room in our bags so we contented ourselves with borrowing it for the week. And YES, that is a lot of brie… and only costs 2 euros!

  3. Hi Paul and Lauren

    I have the travel bug and the eating bug… beaches, tapas, sun, all quite tempting. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Paul, I guess you are now having to work. I hope that doesn’t put too much of a damper on the fun times.

    Love Mom

    • Ya working… day 2 now. It definitely puts a damper on the fun but I really can’t complain. Lauren and our friends are out touring around Santorini without me now :(