August 1 – 5, 2012

After watching the opening ceremonies from our little Paris apartment, we decided that our next destination would be London to join in the 2012 Olympic celebrations.  We had a bunch of friends who were doing the same so it was guaranteed to be a fun few days.

There were not as many people dressed in their country's colours as in the Vancouver Olympics, but that didn't stop us from representing!

Brydone, Fin and Lauren on our way to watch volleyball

Beach volleyball turned out to be one of the best venues at the Olympics with an amazing skyline view of London landmarks

We saw two women's games, and two men's games. All of them were action packed!

Three Canadians and one Brit... from the look of us you wouldn't know that Canada wasn't even competing in this event...

The Canada House didn't allow public access so we sought out the only Canadian bar in London

We started the next day by trying to get into the Olympic Village, but it turned out only guests with event tickets were allowed in. We regrouped and headed to the Hyde Park live site instead. It was a huge venue with 4 massive screens for watching events, restaurants, beer gardens and a line up of bands performing on the main stage.

The Hyde Park live site was packed with a lot of Union Jack's flying everywhere

We spent the afternoon with Lauren's friend Tim who she met while traveling in Thailand and Larysa who we hadn't seen since Katie's wedding in Toronto. It's always fun to meet up with friends overseas! Also great to have local tour guides!

81,000 people all watching Mexico beat Senegal 4-2 in Wembley Stadium! It was an awesome experience until 81,000 people all tried to get into the same tube station afterwards!

The Irish House wasn't much more than a converted Irish bar, but it was still a great way to spend our last night. Our buddy Ryan who is a cameraman for the Olympics joined us in late night shenanigans

All our time in London was terrific and is was great to make news friends and see some old ones.  You can see the rest of the London Photos Here.

Next stop… Copenhagen!

7 thoughts on “London

  1. Laur & Paul,
    Absolutely loving the pictures and wit-ups….Keep ‘em coming! Frodo likes all the cats/no cats pictures.
    Mom and Dad xoxo

    • We’re a bit behind but more are up now! (including pics of the last apartment we stayed in!) Glad you and Frodo noticed the cat/no cat pictures, hehe, I go crazy anytime I see a cat. I guess I’m missing the little guy! xo

  2. Nice posing sis! Ok, so where did you get the glasses? Could you actually see anything through them? I think squinting through the lines would have driven me insane….Excellent Canadian spirit though! Glad you guys had fun!

    • haha – yeah, they were a little hard to see out of, but totally worth it for showing our Canadian pride! We actually got them last year when we had our Canada Day party, so brought them along. Sorry for the late reply, I’m behind on our blogging! thanks for reading xox

  3. LOVED the pics! Looks like it was a fantastic experience! Way to represent Canada, the outfits were so hip, especially the head umbrella – only you guys could make that look cool!

  4. Womens’ Beach Volleyball: never in the annals of history has a sport been more deserving to be elevated to the stature of an Olympic event than this one.