August 5 – 10, 2012

The crowds and excitement of couch surfing our way through the summer Olympics in London were great but we were ready to slow down the pace a bit upon our arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We found a great little apartment on for five nights. It felt like our own home with fun artwork, and some great features like a coffee maker! We cooked some nice meals and usually kept the olympics on in the background with a constant drone of incomprehensible Danish commentators. In this photo we are watching the Canadian women come oh so close to beating USA in the semi-final football match.

Sometimes you have to get creative to get both of us into the same photo.

Copenhagen has a lot of beautiful architecture, and they all seem to feature crowns.

The best way to get around Copenhagen is by bicycle and everyone uses the extensive bike lanes. We rented a couple for our stay and then we really fit in with the locals (as long as we weren't forced to speak)

We visited a really cool area called Christiania. It is a large commune right in the middle of Copenhagen that operates under their own law. It is basically a fenced in hippy town. Interesting and eclectic environment with lots of artists, graffiti and tourist shops. This photo is the entrance, but they frown on taking photos inside.

Colourful old buildings along canals are an iconic Danish memory

We spent an afternoon in the National Gallery. It was huge and full of great works, and best of all it's free! Yay socialism!

The cute 5 Kroner coin features a couple hearts! Oddly enough, they don't use euros here even though they are part of the EU.

The weather wasn't very nice for us, but we hadn't been to a beach for awhile so we enjoyed it while we could until the rain came.

At one point we were hoping to ride our bikes over to Sweden but then we discovered that the bridge only allowed vehicles. We contented ourselves to hang out at the beach and look across the water towards Sweden instead.

On our last day the weather was gorgeous and we spent the day wandering around the beautiful botanical gardens and had a picnic lunch there. Another great, free Copenhagen attraction!

We found the time to explore an old fortress known as the Kastellet. It is constructed in the shape of a pentagon and is considered one of the best preserved fortifications in Northern Europe. One of its most endearing features was this old school windmill.

Check out the rest of the Copenhagen photos here!

Next we’re off to Munich to visit our awesome friends Iain and Brynja!


One thought on “Copenhagen

  1. The orbed sculpture in the National Gallery reminds me of a recurring nightmare I have, also a socialist nightmare as it too is free…