Here’s a bird’s eye view of the places we’ve been visiting!

1 Tahiti, French Polynesia
2 Paris, France
3 London, England
4 Copenhagen, Denmark
5 Munich, Germany
6 Strasbourg, France
7 Lyon, France
8 Vias-Plage, France
9 Biarritz, France
10 San Sebastian, Spain
11 Bordeaux, France
12 San Teodoro, Italy
13 Rome, Italy
14 Athens, Greece
15 Ios, Greece
16 Santorini, Greece
17 Grenoble, France
18 Berlin, Germany
19 Geneva, Switzerland
20 Chamonix, France
21 Marseille, France
22 Val Thorens, France
23 Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 Lagos, Portugal
25 Lisbon, Portugal
26 Grenoble, France
27 Stockholm, Sweden
28 Talinn, Estonia
29 Helsinki, Finland
30 Saro, Sweden
31 Gothenburg, Sweden
32 Grenoble, France
33 London, England
34 Zermatt, Switzerland
35 Montespertoli, Italy
36 Grenoble, France
37 Paris, France

2 thoughts on “Map

  1. Laur & Paul,
    Loving the pics – it really looks wonderful….how about a few pics of your ‘apartments’ so we can see how you are living It is all so exciting…yes – the food looked awesome and the romantic pictures…awwwwww
    love, mom & dad xoxo

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