Grenoble with Shannon

June 4 – 8, 2013

Lucky for Shannon, (and me!) she had an extra week of vacation than the rest of the Portugal crew, so we made our way back together to the land of wine and cheese!

Shannon and I flew from Lisbon to Geneva and spent the day sightseeing. It was nice to see Geneva in the spring rather than the cold of winter like my last visit! We had a yummy lunch at a cafe in the sun and took in some of Geneva's most iconic sights - like the Jet d'Eau, which you can see behind us!

Once we were back in Grenoble we tried to get our butts in gear and get a little exercise by hiking up to the Bastille, which as you may have heard, offers a great view across the city!

I had to head into work, but a visit from Shannon and Paul made it much more fun! Since I am now an expert barmaid, I decided to demonstrate to Shannon the proper technique of for how to "tirer une bière".

We checked out a nearby park and lake called "Le Bois Français". It was a beautiful spot to lounge around for the afternoon, but unfortunately the mosquitoes didn't get the memo and we were eaten alive!

No visit chez Paul and Lauren would be complete without a cheese fondue! Here we are just as the cheese coma started to set in!

We heard of a very popular activity in France called "Acrobranche" where you wear a harness and climb through obstacle courses built into the trees. Each course is ranked by colour similar to ski runs, and they get progressively higher up and trickier to manoeuvre as you make your way from green to black. We channeled our inner monkeys and concurred almost every one, until the threat of a thunderstorm shut things down before we could attempt the hardest black runs.

On our last night together we went to our favourite restaurant, Le Bocal, for a delicious French meal, before heading into the centreville where we checked out the super fun bar called Barberousse, which boasts over 50 different infused rums in a pirate themed atmosphere. Aye! A good time was had indeed!

We had a great week full of sightseeing, relaxation, adventure, and an appropriately obscene amount of cheese!  Merci Shannon for such a superbe visite!!

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